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The Beginning of being Experts
The strive to excel and become more successful in one’s chosen field leads individuals and organisations to undertake training, seminars, workshops, lectures and certifications, all of which play a major part in career advancement and continued success. Many executives invest in these various programs to arm themselves with new knowledge and skills for the sole purpose of professional progress and, importantly, staying competitive within their areas of expertise.

There is no limit to learning and, consequently, to improving performance. Everyone deserves the chance to become the very best. The people behind Experts strongly believe in these concepts and the company offers this opportunity to a modern society that promotes personal growth and development.

Experts Centre for Management Training is a young and dynamic company formed in 2008, in association with Mohammed Bin Rashid Est – Designed and created for aspiring Business Leaders to meet the needs and challenges of constant improvement within the region.

The Facility
Whatever branch you prefer, rest assured that the same standard and quality of service will be experienced. Experts employ the best combination of teaching and support staff to ensure that only the highest quality of training is sustained and that significant growth is achieved. Our staff is well-qualified, highly experienced, hardworking, and passionate about their work – Vital attributes for Experts to comfortably attain our goals and extend the mission beyond.

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    Working Hours: 10:00 – 20:00
    Address: Dubai Clock Tower, Business Village, 4th Floor, Block-B
    Phone: +971 4 253 50 32
    Direct: +971 4 230 63 33
    Mobile: +971 50 11 54 303